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ZEFO is Suitable for Everyone

SEO Companies

Conveniently manage a large amount of websites. Create reports that allow a complete view of all the websites at once.

Produce personalized reports for your clients.

The system is compatible with the work processes of leading SEO companies.

Website Owners

Automatically monitor your website every day.

Keep track of your competitors.

Get recommendations that will help you promote your website on your own.


Manage your employees and document the project’s progress within the system.

The system is designed to support a large amount of websites, users, and meta sites.

See The Big Picture

One System That Integrates all Sources of Information

ZEFO collects data from various sources of information – search engines, Google Analytics, websites on the internet, and many more, to compile integrated reports from the different sources of information.

The information is automatically collected for you on a daily basis.

ZEFO is an All-In-One System

ZEFO’s extensive toolkit will save you the trouble of sorting through many other tools, and provide a comprehensive solution for your SEO work - research tools, reporting tools, work documentation tools, and many additional features that provide a complete workflow solution for every SEO.

ZEFO Puts All the Pieces of the Puzzle Together for You

ZEFO's integrated reports will change the way you do SEO. The system displays the potential, competitiveness, and success factors of each element in your SEO projects side-by-side, and allows you to understand what's really happening in every step of your promotion process.

At a glance, you'll be able to understand where you've improved, where improvement is needed, and what your next step should be.

Save Time and Money

Automatic Daily Rankings Check

Set up the keywords once – the system will track them automatically.

Daily Backlink Monitoring

Link building partnerships management, automatic alerts for backlink removal, anchor changing and many additional parameters.

Smart Alerts

Always be the first to know – get notified directly via E-mail when any changes occur on your promoted websites or competitor websites.

Produce Reports Easily

Create Outstanding Reports with ZEFO

Produce clear, personalized reports with graphs and tables to display your information neatly and conveniently.

Automatic Customized Reports for your Clients

Do you require reports on every first of the month? Every Monday of the week? Quarterly reports? ZEFO allows you to schedule the production of your reports at any frequency.

Recruit Clients

Marketing Reports for New Customers

Produce professional reports that'll aid you in pitching your SEO services to prospective clients at the click of a button. Quickly identify your client’s competitors and your opportunities to promote them.

Competitor Tracking

Automatic competitor identification and ongoing competitor monitoring. A clear and detailed report which serves as an excellent work tool and an effective means of selling to potential customers.

Easy to Use

Quickly Set Up your First Website

Set up a website in 2.5 minutes and start using the system immediately. All information will be collected automatically from that moment on.

Start Using the System Immediately

Your website reports will be ready in moments after it's been set up. Get SEO insights and neatly organized reports instantly.

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